As the sun went down, the ice fishermen packed up and left, except for this lone fisherman.  I think he was enjoying the peace and quiet (and cold)!


Gemma had decided to join our challenge, LZDesignZ changed her blog address, and I made a correction in Madelaine’s blog address.  Also, Mary Lou wanted us to stop in to say hi at her blog.  I updated the blogs over at the Element’s Village, or you can find an updated participation list here:  https://tjmcchesney.wordpress.com/2013-photo-challenge-participants/


19 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Lovely winter shots, and although it must be cold with such beautiful scenes, it is a much better view than fog (which is what we have right now) 🙂

  2. Lovely mood in this Tammy. Your composition enhances the sense of isolation. Quite unlike the local ice fishing village that I’ve often posted, where community and camaraderie seem key to the experience.

  3. This is really something, Tammy. I like that water, the snowy land and the sky each have complimentary layers… and of course the colors of sky and reflection are lovely.

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