Playing with my new Lensbaby Spark.  Definitely need some practice on getting the right “touch” with it.


At least I am putting my empty ink to some good use.  I really need to get these turned in for credit!


10 thoughts on “Containers

  1. So what do you do with all your printed pictures? This year mine are all getting printed and put into a Smash Journal! Love the colors in this one…my big printers cartridges are very borin g lack lol

  2. I hadn’t heard of the lensbaby spark so I just watched the videos on the website, I didn’t really get it with the video just with music, except it looked like you need extra hands, the next video with instruction was better. It looks tricky having to press those ‘bellows’ as well as focus and then move the sweet spot!

  3. The Spark is just like the Muse. It takes some time to get the hang of it, but suddenly, it will click, and it may become your favorite way to use your camera. Once that AHA happens, your hands, eye, mind and camera work as one in a way nothing else duplicates. I have a Tamron 17-280 (or is it 18-270?) which I use when we’re on our big vacations. It’s better for capturing travel memories because it’s more predictable. I’ve just bought a Lensbaby Composer, which I think will be good for macro shots. But when the Muse is off the camera, I miss it. My hands almost ache to work intuitively they way they do with the Muse. Shooting with the Muse is about feeling; shooting with everything else seems to be more about thinking.

  4. Can you believe i’ve never printed a single photo? Being back in this group I realizing that it must be a bit unnatural not to print… anyway, these are great colors. Have fun with learning yet another tool!

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