Happy Groundhog’s Day everyone…I hear we are in for an early Spring.  Maybe that is why my dove friends came back to the feeder so early.   Do you think this guy is asleep or just resting his eyes.  If he was resting his eyes he did it for a good hour!  Must have felt safe perched on my deck guarding the food lol



11 thoughts on “Asleep

  1. We have two (sometimes 3) wild pigeons that hang out in our garden and they’ve been seen napping there this morning, they don’t even worry about our cats! The proximity to food is probably the deciding factor 🙂

  2. Looks so peaceful basking in the sunshine..hope a cat won’t take advantage of his inattention. Your embellishment makes for a pretty composition. Love the texture work you’ve done in your recent photos also, especially the flower bud.

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