It is a shame that this building has been neglected so bad that it was forced to be abandoned.  I bet it was quite the place in it’s time.  Love the cool architectural details.



17 thoughts on “Abandonment

  1. Realtors in Australia would tag it as a “Nice little Fixer Uppa” and be taking offers hand over fist, Why wasn’t your title “Here’s an Opportunity Folks”???

  2. I like the way you filled the frame with this building. The colors and various shapes are so pleasing. I keep seeing something new every time I look at it. Are you sure it’s abandoned? I think there are fairy people living there.

  3. This was a home at one time and was later converted to apartments. Unfortunately the building is condemned and not salable. It is not in the best part of town so I don’t see anyone trying to fix it up either. It always catches my eyes when I drive past it.

  4. So sad when these grand old structures must be torn down. Glad you’ve documented it so nicely while it still stands. Would love to see some vintage photos of its interior during its glory days.

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