Well, today is not very Springy for Spring ahead Sunday!  😦   Only in Nebraska do we go from 50 degrees yesterday to 6-8″ of snow on Sunday (with a forecast of a dusting of snow).  This poor finch is wondering where his warm weather went.  Not so sure about the early Spring now…



10 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. We are experiencing a wonderful warm day today in South Carolina. Nice capture Tammy, stay warm, I will see if I can push some warmth from SC to Nebraska

  2. Oh he does look full of sorrows! Great shot. We’re heading back to winter too, it’s getting much colder, apparently tomorrow will feel like sub zero temperatures. Stay warm!

  3. Love the photo…you must have sent your spring weather here. It was 65 when Macy and I went for our run this evening. Gorgeous! At least you got a great picture for today 🙂

  4. I feel for the poor birds…yesterday we had almost an inch of rain and several inches of snow. Today there were ground blizzards and white-outs! Not nice…. Love this picture and its snowy action though…

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