Yesterday ended up being a cold but beautiful day.  We had bright blue skies with puffy white clouds…it looked warm (and I wish it felt that way)!  I really wanted to get some shots with that gorgeous sky, but I was too lazy to throw on a coat and go for a drive.  I ended up taking one of my daffodils from my flower arrangement on my table and headed out on my deck with my handy prop…a mirror (thanks Ivor for reminding me about my mirror with those feather shots).  I laid the daffodil on the mirror and angled myself so that the blue sky and clouds showed up as the background on the pic.  I really liked the results.


Here is what the set up looked like before I cropped and did edits…



20 thoughts on “Prop

  1. What what?!?!? I have never heard of this…how freaking cool! I saw once where a toddler was standing on a mirror and I’ve wanted to try that, but now I want to do this too! Awesome…as always…I am learning from the best 🙂

  2. I love the results! I’m glad you shared the second photo — so simple, yet so brilliant. I’m glad it was too cold to go for a drive… Happy Spring!

  3. Gorgeous result and a good idea to stay warm! I was out today and saw that snowdrops are still out, the daffodils aren’t yet blooming, but I did see some lambs, aaahhh 🙂

  4. This is beautiful and I want it as my screensaver to remind me that it IS spring! Thanks for posting the “before” picture so I can see how you did it. Great idea

  5. Simple, brilliant idea with excellent results! I’ll admit to a flash of jealousy when I thought you actually had daffodills blooming outside!!

  6. Fantastic result, Tammy. I love the colours of that shot. (And you are welcome! 🙂 I’ve been having lots of fun using a mirror but hadn’t thought about taking it outside, Most of my attempts have been arranged to miss the features on the ceiling.

    And Daffodils already. Lucky you. Just when we thought spring was arriving we are being blasted with winter again.

  7. Great results, Tammy! I like how you said you were too lazy to go for a drive! That happens to me, too. I will definitely be picking up a mirror. Thanks to Ivor for the tip also.

  8. Sooo inspirational! I’d never thought of using a mirror as a background until seeing Ivor’s and now you have another take on it with moving it outdoors. Very pretty results too. Nothing like multiplying a beautiful flower for even more beauty!

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