An unusual friendship…



16 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. oh this is wonderful! what’s the story behind the friendship?
    I hate to say it but the little fellow wouldn’t get that reception from my boys 😦

  2. Take care not to get distracted by the doorbell or phone while you shoot these two together. When you come back, the rodent might be gone and you’ll never know where. 😉

    • lol Josie is a baby, and ever since Brenda got her she has placed the hamster with her daily. Now they are old friends. The hamster crawls over over her. No april fools joke here…. although the joke would have been on Brenda if that cat just opened her mouth a bit lol

  3. Just don’t tell them they’re supposed to hate each other and they’ll probably get along fine. Hmmmm …. maybe an idea worth trying elsewhere. Fun shot Tammy.

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