This reminds me of Seymor from Little Shop of Horrors…looks like he is moving in on his prey.  I shot this w/ the lensbaby composer +soft focus(Aperature ring 5.6) + macro attachment.  I love how it brought attention to Seymor’s “tongue”.  On a side note…I am going to be in Washing DC soon…anyone from that area with a list of must sees and dos?


9 thoughts on “Macro

  1. Tammy, this is gorgeous.
    Really wonderful point of focus.

    I love the Georgetown area. Not sure if you are into street photography, but that sure is a fantastic place for it. Also lot of great little shops and places to eat.

  2. Seymour it is! Cool perspective and composition.

    Have you been to D.C. before? You can’t miss even if you stick to the typical round of tourist sites. As far as the Smithsonian museums, definitely American History (don’t miss the first lady inaugural gowns). The Newseum isn’t part of the Smithsonian (so not free) but well worth a full day’s visit (we only planned a half day there and missed a lot!). Go on the Park’s Department website and see if you can get tickets to go up the Washington Monument at or near dusk. The National Cathedral isn’t on the beaten path but is beautiful. When we were there 3 years ago, we had to cancel our plans to see the Holocaust Museum and I really regret that. Go across the river to Arlington Cemetery (you can walk or take the Metro (subway) and take one of the tours. Do you have enough time to get tickets for the White House tour and a tour of the Capitol Building? I recall you have to request those from your congressman. The tour of Ford’s Theater is really good too. I may think of more and if I do, I’ll send you a message….

  3. I thought of Seymour immediately! And laughed at the contrast between your lovely, dreamy shot and Seymour’s brash personality!

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