Comfort Food

With all of the great monuments and sight seeing Washington DC has, I still had to make time to go see the pandas..I never have seen one and it was a must on my list.  We ran into the National Zoo and ran straight for the pandas and then ran out.  It seems, after a conversation with the zoo keeper, that mostly all these adorable bears do is sit and eat (my kind of life) lol.   This guy was enjoying one of his favorite comfort foods, apples and pears frozen in apple juice.  Isn’t he the cutest?




13 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. I saw the title, saw the image and thought YUKK! Nebraskans eat Pandas, how could they these are terrific shots of an animal I have never seen either.

  2. I learn something every day. I thought the only ate bamboo shoots. Great shot. There is a lot of controversy around pandas and the resources spent on their conservation that some feel should be invested in other conservation projects that would have a bigger impact on biodiversity. The Chinese government also charge the zoos huge amounts of money to keep pandas.

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