While in DC, we traveled mostly by using the Metro.  Now I know why people are so skinny in the cities!  I am really spoiled by driving my car from door to door.  I saw a young lady with twin babies…one in a strap on the front of her and one in a strap on the back of her…carrying several bags of groceries trying to hop on the Metro.  I can’t even imagine living there while the boys were babies….kudos to her, for sure!



13 thoughts on “Transportation

  1. I took the metro when I visited DC (over 20 years ago now, where do the years go),and I remember it had a different feel to the tube (underground) in London, not sure I can pinpoint why (all these years later), but I think metros in different cities do have a different feel to them.

  2. Don’t know how the young mother managed to carry her twins and groceries and still get on the metro. We in the midwest are spoiled by our ability to park so near where we want to go.

  3. The Metro stations are so futuristic–the remind me of some of the initial scenes in 2001: A Space Odyssey (after the monkeys…) I have series of similar photos of the Metro. One won a prize at the Berlin Fair this year.

  4. I’m glad you took the time to capture this… brought back great memories of when I used to have to go to DC once of month for classes, when I was in my twenties. Up until then I only knew the trolley system in Boston and I was so impressed on how clean and efficient this felt. Oh… and good photo outside of my personal memories!

  5. great shot! We started life with a baby in NYC and it seemed so easy. Strap her in the stroller and go anywhere. I found adjusting to the burbs and a car such a pain. Every time we got in the car she fell asleep and we didn’t know what people did… wait in the car until she woke?

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