Natural (Warning: Not for a weak stomach…)

I watched this road runner do what comes natural to him…hunt and eat a mouse…it was actually kinda fascinating!



12 thoughts on “Natural (Warning: Not for a weak stomach…)

  1. I’ve never seen a road runner (other than in the cartoons), however mice being hunted, eaten (and then sicked back up) is more of a regular sight 😦

  2. I followed an Ibis for half an hour doing just that two ANZAC days ago. Terrific vermin control agents. BTW why aren’t you out watching/Snapping the Seniors Golf Championships being held at the Omaha Country Club this weekend? LoL

  3. Here I am chasing Roadrunners all over the place and never getting a shot… and here you have the one of the most iconic images (only would be better if it were a rattlesnake, not a mouse). Love your work, Tammy!

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