All babies are a blessing!  Congrats out to the Royal family and their new little Prince!



11 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Smashing timing of that shot and it’s great to see photos of sparrow. I always worry about out sparrow population because it has suffered so much over the last thirty years, but they thrive in our garden. (Food, water and shelter/nesting sites provided). After last winter there were only a handful of pairs in our garden, but they have been doing what sparrows do and now there are over a hundred sparrows here. They don’t take long to empty the feeders. Sparrows are often overlooked, but they are a smashing little bird full of blustery, boisterousness. Thanks for posting that picture.

    • I have hundreds of sparrow at my feeder…more than any other bird. Right now they are bringing all of their babies to the feeder…watching them is one of my favorite coffee time activities!

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