Meet Chad Anderson…he was the perceived winner for the rodeo event.  Unfortunately, it was not his night, but man was he fun to watch.  I did not get many great pictures of the bull riding since I was on the other end of the stadium and it was getting dark out.  Since this image turned out so noisy I decided to over process it….I really liked the results.



This next image is for Ron….he requested a picture of a horse going around the barrels.  Again, the barrels were quite a ways away from my seat at the rodeo…and the pics turned out rather noisy.  I used topaz denoise and topaz adjust to process this one…



8 thoughts on “Perceived

  1. The top shot is a lot of Bull but thank you so much for that response, and the shot is superb, the angle stunning and positioning terrific, was I right or was I right. This would win awards. Glad you read my comments even if you have fore-sworn my blog. LoL

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