I always thought that with these big eyes, that lemur’s had great vision.  Not true.  They rely mostly on other senses (mostly scent) to survive.  They also see in a blue-yellow cast…they don’t see reds or greens.   Can you imagine a world of only blues and yellows? 


Well, I think I am officially back.  As many as you know, my dad has been battling stage 4 cancer.  All of his appts, hospital stays, etc has been keeping me extremely busy.  A month ago he had unsuccessful surgery to remove the tumors on his colon and liver.  Good news is, they are going to try again next Spring.  They are now trying to shrink the tumors even more w/ more radiation and chemo.  So for the time being anyways, things have calmed down .  Be patient with me as I try to get back to commenting…I will be slowly making my way thru all the blogs.  Looking forward to seeing what I have missed!  Oh, and happy 11-12-13!  🙂


12 thoughts on “Vision

  1. So sorry to hear about the difficult journey you and your Dad are on. Will be thinking about you. Interesting fact about lemur vision. He definitely has a glare that seems to say “What???” (like the kids do when they find you staring at them)

  2. Sorry to learn of your Dad’s health problems, glad he is going in a positive direction. Double glad you are in a more peaceful place. Welcome back… remember to breathe.

  3. I’m very sorry to hear about your dad. Clearly, that’s your priority. If it’s OK with you, I will ask my Bible study group, the Bible Babes (at 60, I am the second youngest Babe…) to pray for him. As to the photo–once again, you are really an incredible wildlife photographer.

  4. Just now seeing this, Tammy. I’m glad to read life is a little less stressful regarding your dad’s medical treatment; I’ll keep this intention in my prayers.

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