Bogy is hating this rotten weather…first it snowed (and he hates getting his feet wet) and then is is bitterly cold (and he just got a haircut).  When it gets like this I carry him outside and he stands in the same place and does his business and then I have to carry him in.  In this instance, I walked to the door and called him and all he did was stood there and stared at me with that pathetic face.  Naturally I ended up going and carrying him in.  Who has who trained?




8 thoughts on “Rotten

  1. Hehe Bogey is a little rotten himself 🙂 Aren’t they all though? Our Mia does the same thing. We have to take her up and down the stairs and she has her own little “spot” in the yard.

  2. Oh, dear! And then there is my Stella who eagerly heads outside after getting to spend the night in the house in a kennel and then is outside until nightfall unless the temps get in the single digits. She can be found in the sun sleeping on a snow bank! She would not understand! I love the expressive look you have captured on his face.

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