Up on the Roof

We have gossip hour every morning around 10 up on the roof (the birdfeeder roof, that is)…I wonder what they talk about!




17 thoughts on “Up on the Roof

  1. What a great shot and a wonderful song to match! I tried to get a shot of a Red Bellied Woodpecker this morning. We have never seen one here before. The funny part is it doesn’t have a red belly it has a red head! Unfortunately, it flew when I went to grab my camera and we haven’t see it again!

  2. This is a terrific photo and just plain perfect for the theme. It reminds me of the saying “Just because there’s snow on the roof doesn’t mean there’s not a fire inside.” Hope you and the starlings stay warm!

      • No thermometer….don’t think they need one….the wind just blows them off the feeder lol We are in our feet pj’s w/ blankets and a fire…not venturing out today (and from the sounds of it, not for a few days lol)

  3. Starlings were introduced to the US by a very silly man called Eugene Schieffelin back in the 1890s. He tried to introduce every bird mentioned in Shakespeare’s works to The States. Like most artificially introduced species it was a disaster, from about 60 pairs you now have 150 million and they are a pest to crops and indigenous species. Here in the UK, where they are not a nuisance, but part of the natural biodiversity, starlings are in steep decline. Years ago I knew someone who used to shoot and eat them. Pest or not, they are a boisterous, bold and, when you catch the iridescent feathers in the right light beautiful little bird.

  4. You are starting the year with some great critter photos. These birds have so much character! I love how the birds have their feathers all puffed out now in order to endure the cold…makes them look really awesome. We’re settling in to endure this frigid weather too…under some microfiber blankets and down comforters.

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