Come Talk to Me

This guy stood at my door forever…he wanted me to know that the blue jays took all of his peanuts!  His eyes just were pleading with me to come talk to him!

come talk to me


14 thoughts on “Come Talk to Me

  1. I have two friends who are DEATHLY afraid of squirrels. I’m sure they would say he was pleading to claw your face off! Haha…I’m gonna have to send them the link for this one. 🙂

    • Ha that is funny! He was very disturbed that all his food was gone! I went and got him a few more peanuts and he was happy once again!

  2. Squirrels are fun to watch even though they can be destructive…they chewed holes in my parents’ cedar siding. This one seems to say “they were mine, all mine”!

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