A Taste of Honey

Well, I’ve been a bit under the weather the past few days.  My loving son brought home Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease from the dorms (at least I can’t say he never gave me anything lol).  Anyhow I have had the worse sore throat ever…the only thing that soothes it is luke warm tea and my honey spoon.



17 thoughts on “A Taste of Honey

  1. Tammy, the words to that song include interalia “Tasting much sweeter than wine”. Now I know you are under the influence of the Dreaded Sickness MONGO, but I know YOU better than you think, any member of Women Who Wine, would not prefer Honey! LoL Get well soon! P.S. – WT has strong medicinal properties.!!

  2. As a pediatrician, I have seen kids suffering from that–mouth/throat sores can be wicked! Tea & honey can be very soothing. Try a combination of Maalox and liquid Benadryl. The Benadryl is a local anesthetic and the Maalox makes it stick. In the meantime, I admire your fortitude to go on with photography–and the warm way the honey stands out with selective coloring. (PS I love it when Sierra comes home, but she invariably brings infection.)

  3. Oh, that looks so yummy. I can sympathise with your sore throat, got that on our holiday downunder, had to go and see the doctor to get some antibiotic even. My husband (Ron) is still coughing like mad every now and again.

  4. You’re a trooper, that’s for sure! Feeling so awful and still finding the shot and executing it well! I spent a portion of Friday evening assuring the other set of grandparents that they were not likely to catch HFM from our mutual grandkid who had been visiting with them when his symptoms were noticed. In twenty-five years owning a daycare I rarely had a parent come down with it – way to buck the trend, Tammy! Hope you feel better soon – those typically childhood illnesses seem to hit adults so hard.

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