Time In A Bottle

Ok, I am breaking the rules…did my own song this time.  Would love to know what the note in the bottle says…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO1rMeYnOmM



14 thoughts on “Time In A Bottle

    Morris Bishop (1893-1973)
    I think I remember this moorland,
    The tower on the top of the tor;
    I feel in the distance another existence:
    I think I have been here before.

    And I think you were sitting beside me,
    In a fold in the face of the fell,
    For Time at its work’ll go round in a circle,
    And what is befalling, befell.

    “I have been here before!” I asserted,
    In a nook on a neck of the Nile.
    I once in a crisis was punished by Isis,
    And you smiled. I remember your smile.

    I had the same sense of persistence
    On the site of the seat of the Sioux;
    I heard in the teepee the sound of a sleepy
    Pleistocene grunt. It was you.

    The past made a promise, before it
    Began to begin to begone.
    This limited gamut brings you again. Damn it,
    How long has this got to go on?

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