The Wanderer

I think I have been adopted by this pretty kitty!  He has been coming for almost a year…first he begs for a dog treat and then he sits by the feeder and paws at the birds.  I wonder where else he makes a daily stop at.  Oh well, I guess I have an outdoor cat without the responsibilities.  He is obviously very well taken care of, sometimes he even sports a bandana.



10 thoughts on “The Wanderer

  1. What a handsome boy! When I was younger I wanted a black and white cat and I wanted to name him Daiquiri. I have no idea why LOL! I’ve had plenty of kitties since then but still haven’t gotten my black and white one 🙂

  2. If I didn’t know that you lived quite so far away from where I am, I might think that was one of my boys! He is a handsome fellow, very like my Farouk, except Farouk has a little black chin. How nice to have him visit you.

  3. Very pretty adoptive cat you have there – just be aware, they eventually might end up moving in permanently, which is what happened to friends of ours – but they wouldn’t ever be without their ginger one.

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