My Eyes Adored You

This morning I was drinking my first cup of coffee and was barely awake and look who landed on my feeder.  I couldn’t believe it….only the 2nd time in 13 years have I seen a hawk on my deck.  I got up slowly and then ran for my camera.   Didn’t get the best pictures, but hey I got him!  It was fun watching him watch me…then I remembered the dogs were outside and I thought Oh Nooooo, Hawk food!  🙂   After a few minutes he gracefully flew off.  Perfect morning…blueberry coffee and a hawk!



17 thoughts on “My Eyes Adored You

  1. I agree with Bonnie, Godzilla Hawk for sure. I can imagine the little birdies in the feeder cabin shaking with fear at this monster appearing on their roof. Great moment Tammy!

  2. My knees are Green with envy, But hey if Bougie was around, that could have been “The Maltese Falcon”!!! any sign of Peter Laurie or Sidney Greenstreet?

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