Oh no, my little bird friends are in trouble… I think the Cooper’s hawk from the other morning found a new hunting ground…my deck.  Scott saw it yesterday sitting on the stairs to my deck stalking my bird feeders.  Today I heard a loud thump and it was right next to my sliding glass door…must have flew into it.  It then flew to the tree right next to my deck and patiently waited.  Soon a batch of purple finches hit the feeder and the next thing I knew he swooped down and grabbed one of the finches.  Might not feed the birds for a few days….   😦



An hour later and she is back for more…sorry had to add a few more pics….

2014cooperhawk5 2014cooperhawk4 2014cooperhawk3


17 thoughts on “Trouble

  1. It’s all just nature. Hawks will help thin out the weaker birds, making the prey’s population stronger. When we feed birds it is great because it helps bolster the populations at either end of the food chain, especially in harsh winters. There are a lot more finches alive because you are feeding them, even with the hawk taking the odd bird for it’s lunch. Having a hawk visit is a sign that there is a healthy population of small birds. Keep feeding them. It’s better that they get the food to keep them warm and the odd one gets eaten than the population getting destroyed through starvation.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    I’ve had the same thing happen here…a hawk coming in to grab a bird. Usually it’s the little English Sparrows and there are lots of them around here. Have a great day!!


  3. Maybe I have a freak streak -I actually enjoy it when the resident hawk has lunch from my feeder! It just seems so right in the order of things. Nice pictures of this handsome bird.

  4. We had one at our feeder also…but it left after only a few hours. An acquaintance had a hawk and her fledgling stalking their little lap dog this past summer. The poor dog was banished from their back deck where he had been tied out to get air. They were afraid they would discover an empty collar and leash in the evening when they got home from work.

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