The Closer I Get to You

I’m adding another song to the list (figured if Ron could do it so could I)  ha!    If you would like listen here it is…

I just wish this was in my yard…another month or so!



7 thoughts on “The Closer I Get to You

  1. Oh I am with you Tammy on dreaming about my yard having some flowers in. Alas, our spring was greeted by a spring blizzard. So I see this years challenge rules are being bent left, right, and center – good on you!

  2. I could use a series of flower shots like that to hang in my sunroom. Especially on these dreary days as spring slowly drags itself to life!

  3. Although I would love for warmer weather, we are thankful that the spring thaw is slow this year. The snow fell early and never melted, and we were left with mountains of snow beside the walks and driveways. Love the touch of spring in the beautiful bloom.

  4. “Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools.” I’m not strictly sticking to the list either. You’ve done a great job with the focus on that flower. Must be one for the wall.

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