I’ve had the time of my life!

“I’ve had the time of my life
No I never felt this way before
Yes I swear it’s the truth
And I owe it all to you”

A huge thank you to all of you who have looked, commented, and followed my blog thru out this year!  I appreciate all of your friendships and support this year.  It had been a rough year and your friendship and pictures have kept me grounded when the going got tough!  Wishing you all the very best in 2015!  Looking forward to following all of your pictures again next year!  My new home for next year will be   https://tammyjchesney.wordpress.com/    Hope to see you there!



Everyday I see Starlings at my feeders.  Today I decided to make my everyday sight not so ordinary….playing with French Kiss textures and Topaz Impressions.


Something inside so strong

This is my sister in law Kris.  She is currently fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer!  Even when she is not feeling well, I admire how she meets each day with a smile and is determined to make the best out of each day.  Kris and Tanner, my nephew, stopped by for some holiday pics….we had a fun visit and lots of laughs trying to get Tanner to smile…he did pretty good for being a 13 year old boy who hates his picture taken!