Livin’ On A Prayer

Ok, I am a big fan of Bruce, so had to add the theme song Livin’ On a Prayer.  I think this guy is praying that there are more bagels when he opens his eyes!



I Can See For Miles

Yesterday a friend posted on Facebook that she had an eagle outside her back door…since she only lives blocks away I did the only natural thing and invited myself over to her house.  She lives in the neighborhood next door to mine and also backs up to the Papio Creek.  Thanks so much Mary!  This guy (or gal) was definiately on the hunt…with their keen eyesight they can see for almost over a mile!


Wonderful Baby

On Nov 21st we once again had baby lion cubs born at our zoo.  I got there this past week to take a peek.  Mama Lion was really  protective and hid the babies, but I was patient and waited around a bit and to my surprise she let me have a peek.  They were in a far corner so there is a lot of cropping in these photos.  This little male is very rare, he was born with 2 recessive genes so he will be a white lion…can hardly wait til he grows up to see him with his full mane in white…