Something inside so strong

This is my sister in law Kris.  She is currently fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer!  Even when she is not feeling well, I admire how she meets each day with a smile and is determined to make the best out of each day.  Kris and Tanner, my nephew, stopped by for some holiday pics….we had a fun visit and lots of laughs trying to get Tanner to smile…he did pretty good for being a 13 year old boy who hates his picture taken!




I am back.  As many of you have probably noticed I haven’t been around for a while.  We went to Washington DC for a family vacation with Scott’s parents.  We had a fantastic time seeing all the sites, but I think we need a vacation to recover from the vacation.  We walked from morning til night and I think we saw all on our list that we wanted to see…tons of pictures are coming your way, although most of them will be very touristy.  Here we are near the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

family-JeffersonI will slowly get around to all of your blogs to see what I have been missing.  Be patient with me!  🙂   By the way, that time is coming to switch from my google feeder….what is everyone using?


This morning I spent at my 6 year old nephew’s wrestling match.  Mad Dog Mikey (as he likes to be called now) won 2 of his matches and lost one…The loss didn’t really matter once he got a silver medal for second place.  That smile says it all…boy was he happy!