This reminds me of Seymor from Little Shop of Horrors…looks like he is moving in on his prey.  I shot this w/ the lensbaby composer +soft focus(Aperature ring 5.6) + macro attachment.  I love how it brought attention to Seymor’s “tongue”.  On a side note…I am going to be in Washing DC soon…anyone from that area with a list of must sees and dos?


I can still remember the excitement I used to feel as a kid when I got a brand new box of crayons.  I loved the bright colors in perfect alignment with all of those sharp points.  I can honestly say I felt that same way opening this box, but the excitement came from knowing my macro lens was ready to go.


I used my Lensbaby composer with the double glass lens and a macro attachment to shoot this shot.  Aperature was set at F8.