I’d say this bunny is sleeping in style…sweet dreams bunny!


Well did ya eva

See a rabbit taco?   This year the fair had a dress your bunny up contest…my niece Marie came in 2nd for her rabbit taco.  By the way, this Florida White Rabbit was the grand champion rabbit of all the fair rabbits…looks like Marie is headed off to state!



Meet Chad Anderson…he was the perceived winner for the rodeo event.  Unfortunately, it was not his night, but man was he fun to watch.  I did not get many great pictures of the bull riding since I was on the other end of the stadium and it was getting dark out.  Since this image turned out so noisy I decided to over process it….I really liked the results.



This next image is for Ron….he requested a picture of a horse going around the barrels.  Again, the barrels were quite a ways away from my seat at the rodeo…and the pics turned out rather noisy.  I used topaz denoise and topaz adjust to process this one…