Reason to Believe

I think I’m back!  As many of you know, my family has gone thru a rough couple of months.  My dad has been fighting stage 4 colon cancer that spread to his liver.  This past Sept he had an experimental surgery (they removed part of his colon and part of his liver then did a open radiation….12.5 hours worth of surgery) and it worked!  He is now cancer free according to the PET scans.  He will begin a maintenance chemo as soon as he is stronger and that should keep any new cancers at bay.  After this experience I definitely have a reason to believe!   Also, about 6 months ago, my sister in law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  She has a 13 year old son…my nephew Tanner (who has been the subject of many of my pictures in the past).  I am learning more than I ever wanted to know about cancer.  lol   Well anyhow, I am back, I may not be posting but a few times a week, but man have I missed you all.  I have been out with my camera so I do have some pics to share.  Scott and I recently made a get away to Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park (we did not get our summer trip in this year)…but it was fun going in the late Fall…we got to witness the bugling elk! Well I will quit babbling and get my picture posted and start looking to see what I have missed!ReasonToBelieve

Amazing Things

Well, I had no intentions of waking up in the middle of the night, so my loving Bogy did it for me.  He was growling at the side of the bed that he needed to go outside.  It was about 2:15, and once I saw that amazing blood moon I had to take a shot.  Needlas to say, I was too tired to get the tri pod out….and my eyes were not in focus since they were still half asleep.  Not too bad for a snap shot.



I took this picture last week and took it as a Heaven sent sign that our families streak of bad luck was coming to an end.  As many of you know my dad has been suffering from stage 4 colon cancer and last week he was in the hospital.  Good news is he is out and feeling much better this week.  On top of that one of my sister in laws was diagnosed with MS and my other sister in law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer…not a great last few weeks, but these sun rays were definitely a sign of hope.  Hallelujah!



As the sun went down, the ice fishermen packed up and left, except for this lone fisherman.  I think he was enjoying the peace and quiet (and cold)!


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