My favorite building in DC was the National Library…it wasn’t because of the books (although they were pretty cool), but because the entire building is a work of art.  I could never do this place justice with all of the people, the lighting and the size, but here is a small sample of some of what I saw.

Art1  art3



On our way to Mount Vernon we stopped in the old town of Alexandria, VA.  One of our stops included Christ Church which was built between 1767 and 1773.  This was the church that George Washington attended and it is still in use today.  The small cemetery in the courtyard has graves which date back to the late 1700’s.


The next picture is just a snapshot of the church itself.  There were so many people around it that it was impossible to get a great pic.



Here is the Washington Monument from the reflection pool.  As you can see, the monument is covered in scaffolds and is currently closed.  Now that the scaffolding is done, the workman are beginning to replace stones and fix cracks in the monument that was caused by the 2011 earthquake that hit the Capital City.  I was sad to learn that the monument may never be open to future guests.



One of my favorite memorials was the Pentagon Memorial.  Seeing all of those glowing benches really hit home and made me emotional.  The benches were in the shape of arrows, if the person passed away in the Pentagon the bench pointed towards the Pentagon, if they pointed away, they passed away on the plane.  This was the only memorial we managed to see at night (which was a disappointment to me), but we had so much to see in 9 short days.




At Mount Vernon I was treated to a special surprise.  An Osprey (sea hawk) had built her nest along the dock.  I have never seen one of these in the wild and have never seen one communicate so clearly…she definitely wanted me to keep my distance.  Not only was she loud, look at those puffed up feathers.  After hearing her story I understood her cries.  Apparently she laid 3 eggs in the nest.  Only 2 eggs hatched.  A few days before we arrived there was a severe thunderstorm with high winds which swept away one of the babies.  One of the caretakers at Mount Vernon said she has been screaming for days.  It made me sad.  There is still one baby left which the caretaker said he has only seen once.  She is quite the protective mama!