Hazy Shade of Winter

Welcome to 2014!  Well a new year and a new start.  I didn’t do so well at the end of last year with blogging, but I still gained so much out of the experience (once again) and continued to make new friends.  So in my mind, my challenge was a success!  So, I guess I am crazy enough to do it again for a 5th year.  I am starting the year out with Simon and Garfunkel’s Hazy Shade of Winter.  That is how my New Year started.  I woke up to snow falling and a hazy fog (not to mention freezing cold temps)…but that didn’t dampen my day, still had a great New Year’s day with family and friends!  Happy New Year Everyone!  Looking forward to following your year in music and pictures!




Bogy is hating this rotten weather…first it snowed (and he hates getting his feet wet) and then is is bitterly cold (and he just got a haircut).  When it gets like this I carry him outside and he stands in the same place and does his business and then I have to carry him in.  In this instance, I walked to the door and called him and all he did was stood there and stared at me with that pathetic face.  Naturally I ended up going and carrying him in.  Who has who trained?




Well, today is not very Springy for Spring ahead Sunday!  😦   Only in Nebraska do we go from 50 degrees yesterday to 6-8″ of snow on Sunday (with a forecast of a dusting of snow).  This poor finch is wondering where his warm weather went.  Not so sure about the early Spring now…