Wonderful Baby

On Nov 21st we once again had baby lion cubs born at our zoo.  I got there this past week to take a peek.  Mama Lion was really  protective and hid the babies, but I was patient and waited around a bit and to my surprise she let me have a peek.  They were in a far corner so there is a lot of cropping in these photos.  This little male is very rare, he was born with 2 recessive genes so he will be a white lion…can hardly wait til he grows up to see him with his full mane in white…





Couldn’t decide between these two for yellow…which do you like better?



Also, an added bonus.  I went back to see the baby lion cubs yesterday and they re introduced the 5th cub with health problems back into the pack.  As you can see, she was accepted by the other cubs, but mom still has not nursed her.  They are hoping she will soon start.  Right now they are taking turns taking her home at night and feeding her every hour and a half.



The Henry Doorly Zoo had some excitement last week.  One of the African Lion’s gave birth to 5 cubs (and nobody even knew she was expecting).  Yesterday they put four of the cubs on display (the 5th cub had some health issues and is expected to join her brothers and sisters next week).  Here they are at a week old…they can’t walk yet (they just pull themselves around w/ their front legs) and they are just beginning to open their little eyes.  I told my husband that I want a baby lion!  Ha!  You will be seeing much more of these cubs I am afraid!